We proudly stock an array of renowned brands that illuminate your world with excellence. As your trusted source for all things lighting, we feature an impressive lineup of industry giants such as Ansell, Timeguard, Saxby, Robus, Bell Lighting, and a host of other distinguished names. Explore our expansive range and discover the brilliance that defines Century Electrical Wholesalers.

Discover Our Extensive Lighting Collection

At Century Electrical Wholesalers, we pride ourselves on offering a vast range of top-quality lighting products sourced from trusted suppliers. Our carefully curated selection includes renowned brands such as Ansell Lighting, Aurora, ASD Lighting, Scolemore, Bell Lighting, Gewiss, Forum lighting, and many more.

From stylish indoor lighting fixtures to durable outdoor options, we have everything you need to illuminate your space with style and functionality. Whether you are searching for energy-efficient LED solutions, decorative lighting, or commercial-grade lighting fixtures, our extensive collection ensures you’ll find the perfect fit for your project.

With our commitment to partnering with trusted suppliers, you can trust that our lighting products meet the highest industry standards for performance, durability, and reliability. We continually update our inventory to bring you the latest innovations in lighting technology, ensuring you have access to cutting-edge solutions for all your lighting needs.

Explore our diverse range of lighting options and let us help you create the perfect lighting ambiance for any residential, commercial, or industrial setting. Shop with confidence knowing that Century Electrical Wholesalers is your trusted source for top-quality lighting products from industry-leading suppliers.

Please note that our inventory extends beyond the mentioned suppliers, offering a wide range of options to cater to your specific requirements.

Lamps & Tubes

Explore our wide range of lamps and tubes for all your lighting needs, from energy-efficient LED bulbs to specialty lighting solutions.

Indoor Lighting

Illuminate your space with our stylish indoor lighting options, including ceiling lights, pendant lights, and chandeliers designed to enhance any interior.

Outdoor Lighting

Enhance your outdoor spaces with our durable and weather-resistant outdoor lighting solutions, from garden lights to floodlights, ensuring safety and ambiance.

Commercial Lighting

Discover our commercial lighting solutions tailored for businesses, offices, and retail spaces, providing efficient and professional illumination.

Emergency Lighting

Ensure safety and compliance with our reliable emergency lighting solutions, designed to guide and protect in critical situations.

Industrial Lighting

Find robust and high-performance industrial lighting solutions, including high bay lights, floodlights, and task lighting, ideal for warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Lighting Control

Take control of your lighting environment with our innovative lighting control systems, allowing you to create customized lighting scenes and maximize energy efficiency.

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