Cable Management

At Century Electrical Wholesale, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient cable and cable management solutions for trade professionals and contractors. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products designed to meet the unique needs of your projects.

Cable: Choose from an extensive selection of cables from industry-leading manufacturers such as Draka, Prysmian Group, PX, and Batt Cables. Whether you require power cables, data cables, or industrial cables, we have you covered. Our cables are designed to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and safety, ensuring your electrical installations are of the highest quality.

Cable Management: Efficient cable management is crucial to ensure organis ed and secure installations. Our cable management solutions provide trade professionals and contractors with the tools they need to streamline their projects. From cable glands to fixing accessories, we stock top brands including SWA, Wiska, HellermannTyton, Schneider, and Deluge. These products are engineered to simplify cable routing, secure connections, and protect against environmental factors.

Cable Terminations & Jointing: Achieve reliable cable terminations and jointing with our range of terminals and connectors. We partner with trusted suppliers such as SWA, HellermannTyton, Deluge, and Tiglon to offer a variety of high-quality options. Our products enable efficient and durable connections, ensuring the longevity and performance of your electrical systems.

Cable Support Systems: Proper support and management of cables are essential for maintaining safety and preventing damage. Our cable support systems, including brands like Unitrunk, Legrand, and Unistrut, offer versatile solutions for organizing and securing cables. These systems are designed to accommodate various installation requirements, allowing trade professionals and contractors to optimize cable routing and prevent hazardous situations.

Trunking & Conduit: For efficient cable routing and protection, we offer a range of trunking and conduit solutions. Our selection includes products from Unitrunk, Legrand, and Trench, known for their durability and ease of installation. These solutions enable you to efficiently organise and shield cables while complying with industry regulations.

At Century Electrical Wholesale, we are committed to providing trade professionals and contractors with superior cable and cable management solutions. Our extensive product range, sourced from reputable suppliers, ensures that you have access to the highest quality materials for your projects. Trust us to deliver reliable and efficient products that meet your specific requirements, enabling you to complete your installations with confidence.

Cable Glands

Ensure secure and watertight cable connections with top-quality cable glands from SWA, Wiska, and HellermannTyton.

Cable Fixing & Accessories

Choose from a selection of reliable cable fixing and accessory solutions provided by SWA, Schneider, HellermannTyton, and Deluge.

Cable Terminations & Jointing

Achieve efficient and durable cable terminations and jointing with trusted brands such as SWA, HellermannTyton, Deluge, and Tiglon.

Cable Support Systems

Optimize cable support and management with reliable solutions from Unitrunk, Legrand, and Unistrut.

Trunking & Conduit

Simplify cable routing and protection with high-quality trunking and conduit options from Unitrunk, Legrand, and Trench.

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