General wiring cable, SWA, Flex, Fire Cables and much, much more.

PVC Wiring Cable

PVC sheathed low voltage wiring cable typically used for small power and lighting applications.

Data & Telephone Cable

Communication data and ethernet cables for Telephone, Internet and Networking.

Industrial Cable

We offer many types of industrial cables including SWA, Tuffwire, Rubber Flex, SY, YY and Screened Cables.

Fire Cable

Fire resistant cable as defined by fire alarm and emergency lighting British Standards.

Coaxial Cable

We have a wide range of TV, Digital, Satellite and AV cables.

Security & Speaker Cable

High Quality Security Alarm Cable and Speaker Cable to guarantee a reliable solution.

Solar Cable

TUV approved solar cable is used extensively in photovoltaic systems for connection to solar modules and inverters.

ROI Cable

Irish Wiring Regulations (ET 101) now require that a full sized and insulated (G/Y) earth conductor replaces the previous reduced size bare CPC

Tri-Rated Panel Wire

Tri-rated cable has been designed for the internal wiring of electrical cabinets, switch boards and small electrical devices.

BS5308 / PAS538 Instrumentation Cables

We supply a range of instrumentation cables suitable for an even wider range of applications.

Shipwiring Cables (Including BS6883 Standard)

Elastomer insulated cables for fixed wiring in ships (shipwiring) and on mobile and fixed offshore marine units manufactured in accordance with British Standard BS6883.

Control Flexes - LiYCY, LiYY, SY (Silflex)

These cables are designed for a wide range of industrial process automation applications, including signal transmission, measurement, control and regulation. 

H07RN-F Rubber Flexes

H07RN-F is a heavy-duty rubber flexible trailing cable for power supply with a voltage rating of 450/750V designed to provide high flexibility and to withstand chemical, mechanical and thermal stresses.

Belden Equivalent Cables

This range is designed and manufactured to exacting standards delivering a high-speed and high-quality end-to-end data transmission cable.