Trunking & Conduit

Total Cable Management systems for quick and versatile cable installation.

Steel Cable Trunking

An extensive range of surface metal Trunking all are supplied in 3M lengths as standard.

Steel Floor Trunking

Multi-compartment Galvanised steel underfloor trunking.

Steel Lighting Trunking

Supplied in standard 50mm x 50mm section and offered in 3 metre lengths for speed and efficiency on installation. 

Steel Conduit & Fittings

Steel Conduit Tubing in Class 3 & 4 manufactured to B454568.

PVC Trunking

Perimeter & Mini Trunking allows for both Power & Data cables to be installed within commercial and domestic buildings.

PVC Conduit & Fittings

Super high impact round rigid conduits, oval conduits, flexible conduits and fittings.