Cables & Cable Management

We have a wide range of cables and cable management products in stock for any type of installation.


General wiring cable, SWA, Flex, Fire Cables and much, much more.

Cable Glands

We are able to supply a wide range of Plastic Stuffing Glands, SWA Glands and Specialist Cable Glands.

Cable Fixing & Accessories

From Cable Clips to Cable Ties we supply all the cable fixings and accessories needed for any job.

Cable Terminations & Jointing

A wide variety of Cable Terminals, Connectors, Heatshrink and Cable Jointing Accessories.

Cable Support Systems

Galvanized finished channels, cable tray, cable ladder & Basket made of high strength steel for all cable installations.

Trunking & Conduit

Total Cable Management systems for quick and versatile cable installation.